The Wanigan

The Wanigan (wooden Box)wan2

A box, usually made of wood, used to store food on canoe or sled trips.

[Ojibwa waanikaan, storage pit.]

Regional Note: Wanigan is apparently borrowed from Ojibwa waanikaan, “storage pit,” from the verb waanikkee-, “to dig a hole in the ground.” Nineteenth-century citations in the Oxford English Dictionary indicate that the word was then associated chiefly with the speech of Maine. It denoted a storage chest containing small supplies for a lumber camp, a boat outfitted to carry such supplies, or, as in Algonquian, the camp equipment and provisions.

Wanigans were used throughout the fur trade by both the Voyagers and the native peoples to carry food supplies and to house kitchen equipment.  The wanigan box has a long tradition in Canada’s north as the preferred method to carry perishable items and kitchenware during extended canoe trips.

Outpost Co. has recreated the Wannigan in full Cherry and Maple wood, staying true to the original design and dimensions of days gone by.  Each of our wanigans is handcrafted using wood joinery and finished in a light oil rub, to give it a subtle and natural finish.

In addition to its original design we have added sliding and removable trays, and a spice rack system.

Our OutpostCo. Wanigans, as with all of our heritage products, are a fully functional piece of art, meant either as a showpiece or an indispensible piece of equipment for your multi day canoe expedition.

Wannigan openwannigan-with-shelves